Why You Should Hire a Building Inspector in Adelaide for Newer Home Purchases

Building Inspectors AdelaideBuying a newly built home does not eliminate the need for a building inspections Adelaide. Whether you’re building yourself, or have bought off the plan, or are buying a recently developed property, having an inspection is still an absolute necessity.

Many people assume that new homes are in perfect condition, and in theory, they certainly should be. But unfortunately, a number of things can be missed along the way, that only a licensed inspector will pick up. Perhaps the builders cut corners, or the developers used only cheap materials which won’t last for as long as you might assume. Then there are honest mistakes too—the omission of damp proof course, which may course future damp issues. The simple reality of the situation is that all homes are subject to defects. Only through arranging a thorough building inspection before you buy will you know for sure exactly what you’re buying.

Some construction methods can cause problems in the future

While you might not be able to see anything out of the ordinary now, inspectors know what to look for in new builds that can cause troubles down the track. What many buyers don’t know is just how common small defects are in the build process. Usually, in good practice, inspections can take place during the build phase and any issues can be rectified immediately before they cause further damage. These issues can range from foundational to surface level. Small defects, like a power point being too close to a water source, can be easily changed. These small defects are still defects none the less, and their importance should not be underestimated.

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A complete assessment of the work of a group of contractors

The job of a builder is to coordinate the work of a number of different contractors who all have a part to play in the building of a house. There are plumbers, electricians, plasterers, cabinet makers, carpenters, waterproofers—the list goes on. Despite your builder keeping a close eye on all of these trades, things can and do go wrong from time to time. Your building inspector acts as the glue that binds all of these individual roles together, ensuring the end product passes their rigorous testing and evaluation.

Council inspections are no substitute for a professional inspection

Municipal inspections are completed of newly built properties to ensure they are to code. It should be noted that Australian building standards are the minimum requirement that buildings must comply with, not nec-essarily the golden standard. By contrast, building inspectors will not only check code compliance, but also the quality of materials and workmanship, and will give your building inspection Adelaide the time and care it deserves. You can also ask your inspector about factors which your council inspector would never consider, such as whether there is a termite management system in place.