How To Choose A Professional Building Inspections Company In Adelaide

building inspections company in Adelaide

First home buyer or seasoned professional, owner-occupier or investor, these days almost everybody appreciates the necessity of a pre-purchase building inspections Adelaide. But how do you go about finding the right building inspection company? After all, something so crucial to the potential security of your investment shouldn’t be left to the amateurs.

Perhaps you turn to a quick Google search, or ask your agent for their advice. No doubt you’ll still be list with a few providers on your shortlist. The best move on your behalf is to reach out and ask a few questions to ensure that you find the right fit who will do your inspection justice.

Ensure they are a licensed builder

It might sound basic, and it is, but a building inspector needs to be a licensed builder if they are going to have any real experience when it comes to Australian building standards and codes, as well as knowing the tricks of the trade and where builders can commonly cut corners. Ask about their previous history in building, whether they’ve worked with well-known companies, and how many years’ experience they have under their belt for firm peace of mind.

Ask about the process

You’re well within your rights to enquire about the process of inspecting, and any good provider will be more than happy to explain it to you. A thorough inspection should take upwards of 1.5 hours, though it will of course depend on the size of the property. Ask about whether you are able to be present during the inspection, as this will not only ensure you feel completely confident with the inspection service, but also help to educate you along the way about what you can keep an eye out for.

Expect a detailed report upon completion

Your inspection findings should be provided to you in the form of an extensive report. This document should be issued on the same day as standard, because of the time-sensitive nature of buying. And finally, as well as providing meticulous notes on individual features and overall condition, the report should also contain photographic evidence to back up key points.

Your report is a valuable document, not just for the immediate yes or no decision, but also when it comes to making decisions about the property in the long term. A crack in a wall for instance might be something that you need to keep an eye on, and consider if you want to invest in renovations or remodelling down the track. You can bring this report to a builder in the future if you want to make significant changes.

Enquire about termites

Though assumed to be a standard part of a building inspection, not all providers include termite inspections in their basic packages. Ask the questions to ensure you’re not caught short, as termite infestations can quickly cost thousands, and significantly undermine your return on investment.