What Do the Top 5 Building Inspectors in Adelaide Have in Common?

What Do the Top 5 Building Inspectors in Adelaide Have in CommonWhen you’re starting your search for the best building inspectors in Adelaide, you might not know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. But be warned – there’s a lifetime of difference between a reputable provider and someone who won’t do the job justice.

They’re association members

First and foremost, any inspector on your shortlist should belong to a professional organisation or industry association. The goal of such an organisation is to continue to improve the quality of service that building inspectors provide, giving prospective clients a starting point in who to trust.

But membership alone is not sufficient to determine a good building inspector. Being a member simply means upholding Australian building standards, which should be considered a bare minimum. On top of this membership, you should also investigate your inspector’s qualifications as standard.

They’re experienced builders

Building inspectors on your list should be licensed builders, as well as having an up to date police clearance. It’s not enough to be a plumber or a carpenter; building inspectors need to have the wide-ranging qualifications and experience to be able to pass judgement on all aspects of the property. Builders are responsible for keeping trades accountable for their portion of the build, and so know what to look for in every area.

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They own their own construction company

With owning a company comes accountability, an increased focus on building and maintaining reputation, as well as hands-on experience. It also fosters a connection with individual clients as a top priority. So when you find a building inspector who has previous run their own construction business, you’ll receive the five-star service treatment, coupled with that higher level of knowledge and expertise.

They’re fully insured

In this industry, insurance is not luxury; it’s a necessity. When you’re making a decision that has the potential to pass or fail a prospective investment, you want to make sure that your inspector is fully covered. Unfortunately, professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance are not mandatory for inspectors, despite the huge consequences.

If you choose an inspector who is uninsured, and it turns out that they didn’t pick up a defect which in turn results in financial loss for you, there is no quick solution. You’ll likely be subjected to a court battle which will be a further drain on your finances, just to get what is owed to you. Be sure to ask for a Certificate of Currency upfront.

They specialise in pre-purchase inspections

Building inspectors who specialise in pre-purchase inspections will know the drill when it comes to short turnaround times, in-depth reports, and picking up defects that might otherwise be missed. Only by hiring someone specialising in this service will you receive the expert attention to detail, and the familiarity with the process that will help you get the most out of your inspection and investment.