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Information About Our Dilapidation Report

Reassure yourself and attain records of existing damage of your potential new home with dilapidation reports from Assured Inspection. Assured inspections is a family-owned business that offers professional and efficient services to our clients. It is our goal to conduct truthful, impartial and detailed inspection to guarantee that you will have the knowledge, that you require, of the building structure. Our team of experts want you to be able to make an informed decision. We have over 40 years’ experience in the industry and have been property developers for Mile End Constructions. With this hands-on experience in all parts of construction, you can be assured that we will know what a quality building looks like. Our service is independent of other businesses and we provide unbiased reports. Get in touch with us today and book an appointment with one of our team members. Contact us on website or email us at asinspect@hotmail.com .

Experts in Dilapidation Report

Assured Inspections is a building inspection provider that has a proven track record over the past 40 years, for providing high quality and truthful dilapidation report. Our mission is to conduct honest dilapidation report so that you can make an informed decision in regards to the building or property. Our systematic processes allow us to provide you with the confidence when making your next decision. We have hands-on experience in the industry and have established methodical processes in order to develop an in-depth report. We have the ability to work to a short time frame and we will be able to make appointments with you efficiently. By not having affiliation to builders, suppliers or real estate agents, you can be assured that the report will not be biased and it will be very honest. So give our team a call on 0417 828 457 or enquire through our website at asinspect@hotmail.com.

Make an appointment with Assured Inspections and attain the reassurance you need before your buy your next property. Send us an enquiry about our services at asinspect@hotmail.com.




Professional and High Quality Dilapidation Report

Whether you have already purchased a home or looking to buy a purchase a new home, Assured Inspections will provide excellent inspections. Start out by making an appointment with one of our qualified team members or give us a call and we can organise the time for the dilapidation report to be conducted. The inspection report is written to account for the condition of the property and it details the significant building defects or issues such as cracking, rising damp, safety issues, and other issues – major and minor. Furthermore we will conduct a termite inspection and provide you with the information about the potential for termites in the building. Our team can arrange a time with the agent or vendor for the inspection to be conducted. You can either be present or not present during the inspection. Soon after the inspection, we will provide you with a written report efficiently. Contact us for further information on our website asinspect@hotmail.com .

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