Building Inspector

Building Inspector Before Investing

Many property investors think that buying a new property requires only checking whether you are ready to own a new building or whether you are financially capable of doing so. It is also important to make sure that you invest in the right property. As soon as you lay eyes on a prospect property, see to it that you let a building inspector lend you a hand in this decision. Assured Inspections is your most trusted building inspector in Adelaide that will do the job for you. As a family operated business, we put your family in the centre of our mission by giving you the right information necessary for you to decide on your property purchase. We are very knowledgeable in all aspects of construction, as we have been serving Adelaide in the construction industry for years.


Building Inspector Service You Can Trust

If you are looking for a building inspector that will provide you with an honest, independent, and unbiased inspection report, then Assured Inspections is the one you are looking for. With our efficient and professional service, you are sure to get quality results on time and with the urgency required for your investment situation. We offer our building inspector services at very affordable rates. You will also be able to save time and money if you opt to do the combined building and termite inspection. We can provide prompt onsite meetings so you can review the report while looking at the actual condition of the property. Along with our recommendations on modification and repairs, we will also provide you with renovation tips and advice so that the property will be in optimal shape should you decide to proceed with the purchase. Further support will be provided should you have any other matters to discuss after inspection and reporting has been done.



Local Building Inspector

Before you make a final purchase, get Assured Inspections to do the building inspection for you. We are a highly qualified building inspector whose role is to evaluate the property on your behalf before any purchase is made or before you bid on a property on auction. We can carry out the inspections immediately, as soon as permitted by the vendor, and we do not require you to be around during the inspections to save you time. We will however provide you with the results, which you may opt to do onsite or offsite. For onsite meetings, it will be easier for us to discuss the reports with you. The inspection report will include significant findings such as major building defects including cracking, rising damps, and safety hazards. Other minor defects will also be included in the report so you know the extent of the modification and repairs needed to put the property at optimal shape.


Pre-purchase Building Inspector

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