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Pre Purchase House Inspector in Adelaide

Are you excited to own a new property? Make sure that you are investing your money in the right property by knowing the condition of the building that you are about to purchase.  This is where you need to employ the services of a highly qualified building inspector in Adelaide. Assured Inspections is a family owned and managed business that offers you building only inspections or a combined building and termite inspection. With over four decades of construction industry experience, you can be sure that we are knowledgeable in all aspects of construction. While we are no longer in the construction business, nor affiliated with contractors and vendors, we can guarantee you an honest, independent, unbiased, and prompt report.  Schedule an onsite or offsite meeting with us today at 0417 828 457 or email us at and let us assist you in making reliable and informed decisions.


The Building Inspector You Can Trust

If you are looking for a quality but affordable building inspector in Adelaide, trust only Assured Inspections. With our combined building and termite inspection, you can save both time and money without having to deal with two different service providers. As long as access to the property has been duly settled with the vendor, we are able to perform the building inspector process in a fast and efficient manner. We believe that onsite meetings are to the advantage of our clients plus it will be easier to discuss the results of the inspection, so we can arrange for such meeting should you request for it. Our reports will include recommendations on proposed alterations as well as repairs and maintenance activities that the property requires. Should you need further assistance after the reports are submitted to you, our telephone support is ready should you need to discuss further matters or advice.


Fast and Reliable Building Inspector in Adelaide

As your most reliable building inspector, we offer you the option of having only building inspections in Adelaide or both building and termite inspection. This allows you to have the property evaluated first before you make the final decision. Inspection is usually done during the cooling off period and inspection reports will be submitted to you before the end of the period. Defects that could be identified during the inspection include cracks, leaks, rot, corrosion, swelling, fretting, eroding, levels, sagging, and overall functionality.  We will also check the presence smoke detectors, safety switches, bricks, linings, ventilation, and other things that may pose safety hazards. These inspections will be reflected in a report along with a recommendation by your building inspector Adelaide. We can either discuss the results onsite or offsite but we will also provide you a written report on the same day or right after the inspection so you will have the chance to decide before the end of the cooling period.


Professional Building Inspector at Your Service

Get quality and cost-efficient inspection services today. Call a leading Adelaide building inspector, Assured Inspections at 0417 828 457 and let us get the job done for you.


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