Building Inspection

Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Building inspection in Adelaide is a necessary step when planning to purchase or bid on a new house or property. Whatever you see from the outside may not necessarily reflect the condition of the structure. Assured Inspections’ mission is to conduct honest, independent, and thorough inspections that will be needed for us to write reliable reports that will help you make the decision on such an investment. Our family owned business has been in the construction industry through the Mile End Construction Company that offers building inspection and full time consultancy. While we are no longer involved in the construction business and are not connected to any builders or suppliers, we put all our focus in providing quality building inspection to our clients in Adelaide.  Get in touch with us today by calling 0417 828 457 or send an email to


Great Building Inspection Service at an Affordable Price

At Assured Inspections, we want to be part of your investment endeavors. That is why we want to partner with you on all your building inspection and termite inspection needs. We focus on providing fast and efficient services that are delivered on time. Our inspector works with courtesy and professionalism by providing timely and unbiased reports that will be needed to make informed decisions. Our experience in the construction industry coupled with various credentials on building structure, electrical works, and timber pests makes us highly qualified for the job. Moreover, we provide our building inspection services through affordable and cost-effective rates wherein you can opt to do both building and termite inspection at once, thus saving you time and money. Our focus is in giving the best services and in achieving customer satisfaction in all our transactions. If you need a closer look at your target property, Assured Inspections is the one who can do the job for you.



Efficient Building Inspection Process

Do you have a prospect property that you wish to purchase? Do you want to know to be sure what is in it for you? Contact Assured Inspections for building inspection services and we will tell you the condition of the property you are eyeing. We work to provide you with as much information about the building structure so you know whether it is worth investing in. Our building inspection includes thorough evaluation of the exterior, interior, wet areas, subfloor, and roof spaces. We also do termite inspections where we can provide you with the extent of the damage and repairs needed. We will discuss our findings with you through either an onsite or offsite meeting and then provide you with a detailed inspection report which you can review and base your final decisions on. We usually do our inspections within the cooling off period so you have enough time to finalize the purchase.


Your Partner in Building Inspection

Need a closer look at the property you want to invest in? Call Assured Inspections today on 0417 828 457 and let us know how we can help.


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